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Plain Glassware Trophies

Plain Glassware Trophies
These trophies of distinction can add a touch of splendour to any occasion.

    Item Price (exVAT)
25cm Laurel Trophy Vase £36.50
29cm Laurel Trophy Vase £44.30
34cm Laurel Trophy Vase £54.40
15cm Loving Cup £21.55
Silhouette of 20cm Plain Goblet
20cm Plain Goblet £19.05
Silhouette of 20cm Loving Cup
20cm Loving Cup £25.70
Silhouette of 25cm Loving Cup
25cm Loving Cup £30.85
Silhouette of 19cm Olympic Torch Vase
19cm Olympic Torch Vase £22.25
Silhouette of 22cm Olympic Torch Vase
22cm Olympic Torch Vase £28.25
Silhouette of 25cm Olympic Torch Vase
25cm Olympic Torch Vase £36.95
Silhouette of 20cm Handled Trophy
20cm Handled Trophy £24.15
Silhouette of 24cm Handled Trophy
24cm Handled Trophy £32.35
Silhouette of 28cm Handled Trophy
28cm Handled Trophy £37.80